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Tel: +202 35345209
E-mail: sfaragallah@itida.gov.eg

This Program is administered by the Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) which is the sole ESTB Examination Institute/Certification Body for the ISTQB® certificates in Egypt.

The ISTQB® Partner Program recognises organisations with a demonstrated commitment to software testing certifications.

The Program comprises four levels of partnerships (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Global) and the partnership level of an organisation is determined through the number of certification points it has accumulated, as described below.

Silver Partner   Gold Partner   Platinum Partner   Global Partner
At least 5 certification points, earned through certificates held by employees or external consultants who provide services for more than 70% of their time.
At least 14 certification points, earned through certificates held by employees or external consultants who provide services for more than 70% of their time.

At least one (1) Advanced Level Certificate.
At least 30 certification points, earned through certificates held by employees or external consultants who provide services for more than 70% of their time.

At least three (3) Advanced Level Certificates.
A minimum of one (1) Platinum Partnership and two (2) Gold Partnerships in at least two (2) different countries.
Partnership Fees/year:
EGP 3,000
  Partnership Fees/year:
EGP 6,000
  Partnership Fees/year:
EGP 12,000
  Partnership Fees/year:
EUR 2,000 per year
  • Permission to use the ISTQB® Partner Program LOGO on the Partner's website, and other associated marketing material as appropriate.
  • Recognition of the Partner's TESTING EXPERTISE, both in the local and international market.
  • Official RECOGNITION through ISTQB® as the world's leading software test qualification standard organization, indicating identity/location, validity and level.
  • Listing of the Partner on the ISTQB® WEBSITE.
  • Listing of the Partner on the National ISTQB® Member Board's or Exam Provider's local websites.
  • Special privileges in relation to ISTQB® related events and conferences
  • Receive new syllabi in BETA VERSION with opportunity to contribute to review
  • Eligibility to receive the Beta version of new ISTQB® Syllabi with the opportunity to contribute to its review.
  • Honorary membership of the exclusive "ISTQB® Partner Forum" (to be established) which will allow Partners to receive news on the ISTQB® Roadmap.
  • Discounts at ISTQB® Conference Network w/w.
  • Local benefits from National ISTQB® Member Boards and/or Exam Providers.
  • Discounts for renewing an existing partnership.
  • Linking your ISEB certification to the ISTQB® recognition scheme.
  • ISTQB® partners will be recognized for a specific level based on the certification points they collected.
  • ISTQB® Partner Program offers the following levels
    • SILVER
    • GOLD
    • GLOBAL
  • Points can be counted for employees and external consultants that are:
    • ISTQB® certified
    • working for the company for the majority of their time during the greater part of the validity period of the partnership
  • A company can become a partner in any country in which it has a legal entity.
  • Other requirements to be eligible are:
    • GOLD partnership requires at least 1 ADVANCED Level certification
    • PLATINUM partnership requires at least 3 ADVANCED Level certifications
    • GLOBAL partnership requires at least 2 GOLD and 1 PLATINUM partnerships, in at least 2 separate countries
On the ISTQB® Partner Program website you can find an Eligibility Grid, that helps in the calculation of their Partnership Level., for more please read the information sheet here...
  • Fill in the application form and Appendix A at: http://partner.istqb.org/documents/ISTQB Partner Program Application-Renewal Form_v2.1.4.pdf.
  • Send a PDF version of the application form to: sfaragallah@itida.gov.eg
  • Make the payment fees to:
    • Mr. Aktham Ezzat or Mr. Ahmed Salama
      Software Engineering Competence Center
      Cairo/ Alexandria Desert Road
      Smart Village - ITIDA Building 121
      First Floor - Office No 1017
      Tel: +202 3534 5229/ 5774
  • Once the application and fees are received, an "ISTQB® Partner Program Confirmation Letter" will be sent to you.
  • If partnership level is applicable, an "ISTQB® Partner Program Eligibility Notice", which includes the approved partnership level and the correspondent partnership fees.
  • Pay the partnership fees within a month of receiving the Notice and the Payment Claim.
  • Once payment is done, you will receive the following:
    • ISTQB® Partner Program Acceptance Letter
    • ISTQB® Partner Program Recognition /Plaque