The modules offered at the Advanced Level cover a wide range of testing topics.

The Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester qualification is aimed at people who have already achieved an advanced point in their careers in software testing and wish to develop further their expertise in technical testing aspects in an agile context.
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To receive Advanced Level certification in the module "Agile Technical Tester", candidates must hold a valid Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate and a valid Certified Center Foundation Level Extension Agile Tester certificate. Refer to the relevant Exam Board to determine the specific practical experience criteria.
The following image demonstrates the contents of the Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester syllabus: for more...
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Exam Calendar
Available Dates
31 May 2023
8 June 2023
21 June 2023
24 July 2023
16 August 2023
31 August 2023
26 September 2023
1 November 2023
26 December 2023
Egyptian: 1700EGP
Non-Egyptian: 2400EGP
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Exam Location
​​Smart Village, ITIDA Premises Building B121, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Egypt
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