The Egyptian Software Testing Board (ESTB) is a recognized national board of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®), supporting the only not-for-profit, internationally recognized software testing certification program.

The ESTB assists with certification of candidates by accrediting qualified training providers and their courses that support the ISTQB® software testing certification. We welcome your application and hope that you will succeed as an accredited training provider.

Accredited training providers are authorized to display the ESTB and ISTQB® logos and identify themselves as accredited training providers and to identify accredited courses as such.

The ESTB will maintain and publish an up-to-date list of accredited training providers and upcoming public course offerings.


Training providers wishing to offer accredited training leading to an ESTB/ISTQB® certificate must submit an application for accreditation to the ESTB. In reviewing the application, the ESTB Accreditation Panel will verify that the provider has the ability to teach the ISTQB® syllabus material using competent training staff and appropriate materials.

The ESTB expects providers to have studied the ISTQB® syllabus and the ESTB Accreditation requirements, so as to have a full understanding of all requirements.

The ESTB requires evidence of detailed planning to run an accredited training course. The training provider must demonstrate capability to successfully administer the accredited training courses.

The ESTB requires that course material must be in English. The ESTB also requires that all proposed instructors have at least five years practical experience in software testing and software engineering and have demonstrated proficiency as instructors of software testing and software engineering courses. All instructors must hold the certificate that they teach. The ESTB Accreditation Panel will reject incomplete applications.

All items submitted to the ESTB will be retained by ESTB and held in confidence.


Three (3) assessors from the ESTB will normally form the Accreditation Panel. If needed, a maximum of one assessor will not be an ESTB member but an authorized agent acting at ESTB's direction. Assessors with conflicts of interest (such as commercial relations with the applicant) shall not be involved in the application evaluation. One of the assessors will act as the panel chair. The panel chair shall review the application to confirm that all required items have been supplied. If not, the deficiencies shall be identified to the applicant and evaluation shall not proceed until the missing material is received. When all required items have been received an acknowledgement shall be sent to the applicant and the application forwarded to the rest of Accreditation Panel.

After the assessors have evaluated the application, the course materials, and all other supporting materials, each assessor, including the chair, will produce an independent accreditation report. Training Provider may receive one audit visit during the accreditation-processing period. The assessors will make an initial recommendation within six (6) weeks after the provider has submitted the complete application. The panel chair will combine the assessors' comments and the Accreditation Panel will discuss the combined recommendations and make one of the following decisions:

  • Request additional information from the provider. Should additional information be required, the training provider must submit the items within two (2) weeks, or the application will be rejected.
  • Request changes to the training materials with re-submittal of the materials (with changes highlighted) for review and final approval. Should changes be required, the training provider must make the changes and submit updated materials within three (3) weeks, or the application will be rejected. Note: Changes to the syllabus during the accreditation period may require course materials to be resubmitted for accreditation. Grant accreditation.
  • Reject the application with reasons stated.

Rejected providers may reapply for accreditation after six (6) months.

ESTB will endeavour to process the application in the shortest possible time. The application process will take no more than three (3) months after the provider has submitted the complete application.

During the accreditation-processing period, providers may mention that the course has been submitted for accreditation but may not advertise the course as accredited or use the ESTB or ISTQB® logos.

The training provider will receive notification of the ESTB Accreditation Panel's decision. Upon receiving accreditation, the training provider has permission to advertise the course as accredited and use the ESTB and ISTQB logos in their applicable marketing and training materials. The ESTB will issue a formal certification of the accreditation for that training provider.


Training provider accreditations are valid for a period of three years. Three months before the end of accreditation period, the ESTB must receive a complete application for renewal from the Training Provider. For each renewal, the ESTB will review the training provider's courses and related activities within the accreditation period.

Similarly, training course accreditations are valid for a period of three years. However, when the syllabus related to the training course is updated, the course must be re-accredited.


Please download the accreditation package and follow the instructions: click here to download the accreditation package The accreditation package.​​​​